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Cayin had been producing high quality, high value vacuum tube amplifier over the years, following the same tradition, and now Cayin introduces the new reference M-845D amplifier. This newly improved amplifier is equipped with multiple feedback selection to accommodate most pre-amplifier for effortless integration.


Features & Specifications




Cayin 9084D single ended directly heated triod amplifier monoblocks featureĀ  28-watts RMS output power per channel. Driven by vacuum tube is justify famous for its sweet tone, detailed and stunningly dynamic and authoritative presentation of music. The tube compliment combined with innovative circuitry maintains the right combination of pace, rhythm and timing.


Features & Specifications




Cayin 880 power amplifier boosts offer 75 watts of pure ultra-linear output per monoblock, maintaining all the glory and beauty of tubes. Cayin engineers continued to search for improvements, such as optimal efficiency, the lowest signal degradation and the greatest immunity from noise and hum.


Features & Specifications

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