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The All new Cayin CS-100A is an updated version of the popular A-100T . It is dual-mode Tube amplifier, which is rated at 80 watts per channel in Class AB Ultra-linear mode and 50-watts per channel in triode mode. ‘This new model has been totally reworked and now offers an on-board bias meter…


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The heart of this amp is based upon a push pull design with KT88 performing the amp duty. However with a flick of a switch you can replace the KT88 for EL34 Valves. Then with the manual Bias adjustment you can get them sound as sweet as ever…


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Pure music lovers and Audiophiles prefer listening to natural, clean and detailed sounding music and these can only be heard and produced by tube amplifiers. The Cayin LA-34 is handcrafted with point-to-point wiring, two wide bandwidth EI output transformer, and powered by a specially designed tiroidal transformer to prevent magnetic leakage…


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The new Cayin MT-12N Integrated Amplifier is one of the best valued valved amplifiers on the market. Perfect for those who are starting a valve amplifier system or additional amplifier for your second system…


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