Cocktail Audio



NOVATRON has been oriented to develop multimedia player products and produce it in Korea over 15 years. Our products have been developed by our well-qualified and high-experienced engineers who have key technologies like embeded LINUX software coding, application software coding, various codec technologies, network protocol technologies and hardware design technologies. We have exported our products into worldwide market, especially European market successfully.

Around three(3) years ago, we found out that there was no good product in HiFi audio market. At that time, most of hifi audio product have no network function and they do not support various audio file(codec). And, they could not communicate with PC. They could not handle various digital audio files either. They could not support HD audio file (FLAC 24bit/192Khz). They are just an independent and very expansive big box.

So, we made a decision to develop a smart hifi audio product which have various functions, but box size should be small. It took around two(2) years to develop cocktailaudio X10. It has various and great functions like Music server, well-organized Music DB, CD ripping function, HD audio file(24bit/192Khz) support, Web Server function, support various audio codec(file), internet radio, great user-friendly UI, various software functions(file management function), full communicating with PC through various network protocols like Samba server/client, UPnP server/client/Renderer, high quality digital amplifier built-in, full color TFT LCD, etc.

As present, we are now exporting cocktailaudio X10 successfully worldwide.


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