The MCap is an audiophile metallized polypropelyene capacitor. In selection of the materials used, special attention was given to the sound properties.

Great care taken during the production guarantees constant high quality and minimum electrical and mechanical tolerances.


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Mundorf MCap EVO capacitors (EVOLUTION winding technology) come with an unusual narrow but high capacitior reel. This geometry results in a short but utmost little loss signal path between huge contact areas.

The MCap EVO is a polypropylene capacitor with little tolerances +/- 3% (values above 100 uF: 5%)


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M-Cap EVO Oil

Mundorf MCap EVO Oil capacitor combines the MCap EVO’s sound characteristic c in a perfect way with the acoustical advantages of oil impregnated capacitors. 


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M-Cap EVO Silver Gold Oil

Mundorf MCap EVO Silver Gold oil capacitor unites the audible feature of the MCap EVO oil with those of a Silver Gold metallization to a breathtakingly beautiful music performance.


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M-Cap Supreme

The MCap-Supreme has been internationally acclaimed as the ultimate high-end capacitor. Its outstanding sound performance is achieved with a unique combination of advanced technologies…


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Supreme Silver/Oil

This product is an oil impregnated metallised polyprophylene dielectric capacitor, with the same series wiring as our MCap-Supreme capacitors.


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Supreme Silver/Gold

The metallization of the capacitor foil for our MCap Supreme Silver/Gold consists of pure silver, to which 1% gold of the next purity is admixed. Gold alters the crystalline structure of silver and maximises its very good electrical conductivity…


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Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil

The MCap Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil is definitely the top-of-the-line model of our oil impregnated capacitors. In comparison with the Silver/Oil version, it technically features a further extended lifetime. More importantly, sonically the Silver/Gold/Oil version stands out due to its wonderful naturl singin and exceptional micro dynamic, same time.


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We offer tin-solder from 4 alloys used as materials that show a considerably higher purity than is required by DIN standards

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