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Cayin CS-55A


Cayin CS-55A Tube Amp

The heart of this amp is based upon a push pull design with KT88 performing the amp duty. However with a flick of a switch you can replace the KT88 for EL34 Valves. Then with the manual Bias adjustment you can get them sound as sweet as ever.

As with the A-55TP the Cayin CS-55A has a built in Phono Stage for easy hookup to play your vynil. This is not some little simpple circuit as this Moving Magnet stage really will get the most of the grooves and is a really nice way to unclutter your system with this phono stage onboard directly connected to the PreAmp stage.

The really new nice touch is the addition of a built in DAC to play your Music files stored on your computer. A great bit of care has gone into the design of this as it is a 32bit/384kHz DAC. Having a DAC built in to the Preamp stage does definitely have some advantages. No need. No need to design an output buffer to hook into a line stage like stand alone DAC’s needs to do. Having it directly connect avoids this and also the signal path is so very short which is never a bad thing.

Now instead of having to have a additional headphone amp for those special times when you want to have your glorious music private, you just have to plug your cans into the CS-55A and off you go. This is truly a well engineered high performance amp that can take care of all your needs.


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