The CFA-1 interconnect cable is mounted with high grade OMC RCA connectors, ensuring a more reliable use and low lose of the signal.
Because of the super steady physical, chemical characters and the special microstructure of the carbon fiber, there would be no “Skin Effect” which is usually caused by the…


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This kind of line is one of middle class Hi-Fi lines among XINDAK Foil Ribbon Signal Line (FRSI). Its backing adopts imported multi-chip 5N single crystal oxygen-free copper(Cu) foil with a unique insulation way and a rarefied bilateral spiral winding way, adding a special fillings of vibration damper and avoiding noise, and compactly woven masking net of silver-plated oxygen-free copper….


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The basic material used 6N pure copper wire. The wire has very outstanding high frequency resolution capacity. The rerecorded music has exquisite and dense music reality, and rich in sound effects of halls. The full frequency channels are very well balanced to the ear and the music flavor is fantastic…


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The high frequency resolution capacity is of the first class. The medium frequency is bright, full and transparent with top music senses. The low frequency is clear, true and with very distinct music reality…


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