Line Conditioner


XF-500E is a light and handy high quality power filter which solves the problems of impure tone and messy sound field caused by the noise distortion in the mains network.

This unit is based on multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made of high-quality capacitor and inductance, thus it can avoid the effects on the sound from power noise and reduce the pollution of electronic network caused by electrical equipments.


Max Spike Volt:3000V
Max Clamping Volt (4X20s):470V
Max Surge Current (4X20s):1000A
Noise Filter:-10dB~-55dB(2-100 MHz)
Rating::AC250V 6A Max.
Output Sockets for preamplifier/accessories:3A (2 way)
Output Sockets for Power Amplifier:5A (2 way)



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